Well, I am living abroad...yet again. After Singapore, Spain, Turkey, Korea the Netherlands (and returning to Spain for a Masters) I've unpacked my backpack a little closer to home in Mexico. I live in Culiacan where I am trying my hand at teaching English to University and high school students. Below you'll find random updates as I go to festivals, explore my city or just feel like sharing a random story.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fast Weekend Summary


I saw the changing of the guards at a Korean palace, learned about the history of Korea, and Hangul at a museum 9checked out some local art and Vietnamese art as well) walked around the streets of Seoul, had traditional Korean BBQ, and hit a bar afterwards for kinda like tapas but not


I had YUMMY street food, learned some more Korean, headed to a Jimil-Ban (like a spa) has a nice soak, a hot shower, did the nakey dance in the shower, chilled in an oxygen room, a jade room, a room filled with salt, and a sauna grabbed some food and drinks, headed back to the shower, exfoliated ourselves in salt, showered, jumped into a freezing cold pool, jumped into a warm jacuzzi, got a massaing shower, more exfoliation, nakey dance well you get the idea

Dropped a dear friend off at the train station, met up with friends fro drinks, got dinner, got more drinks, bonded with a new friend

THEN Met up with GAEUL caught up had lots of food, charged my phone at a 7-11 for a $1, had dinner at a Greek place run by Koreans (leanred the hostory of the word Samuri) went to a club that looks like a cave, ROCKED the dance floor (pictures to follow once I get them from a friend) got street food, crashed at may place


woke up at five to get on a bus to go to a city three hours away to attend their tea ceremony, make a tea bowl, try TONS of traditional tea, meet the artists, learn about kilns, have three paid for traditional meals, get a small interview, and free roundtrip bus ride why...oh yeah I am a foreigner

Took the subway home for the first time ever and am about to shower...

How was your weekend?

How was your weekend??


Anonymous said...

sounds better here than it sounded on the phone.

Anonymous said...

So...you have met some "drinking" buddies...
I went out to water the plants. Very strange and very sad not to have Abby (or Scout) around.

Lils said...

drinking buddies are a necessity!