Well, I am living abroad...yet again. After Singapore, Spain, Turkey, Korea the Netherlands (and returning to Spain for a Masters) I've unpacked my backpack a little closer to home in Mexico. I live in Culiacan where I am trying my hand at teaching English to University and high school students. Below you'll find random updates as I go to festivals, explore my city or just feel like sharing a random story.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vacation Thus far


Friday I went out with a bunch of my fellow teachers in my province...lots of fun, went out a little late..too late probably....oh well

Saturday basically went straight from the...library (this is my new code word for bar) to a bus to Chuncheon a town north of Seoul and...east...in Ganwando...ANYWAYS headed up there for a friends going away birthday party. Involving, an island, sausages, dodgeball, capture the flag, soccer, this game you play like volley ball..but with your feet annnnd...ultimate frisbee. Went to a library called Sheriff's later that night, and ultimately ended up Norebanin' it (ban means room, nore singing, so its Kareoke), grabbed brekkie annnd I was on another bus

Sunday Picked up my stuff from my place got on another bus to Mokpo (5 hours south) slept most of the bus. Walked around Mokpo, saw and AWESOME sculpture park hiked up the mountain a little, went to a jim-jil ban (again ban meaning room, jim jil meaning steam...so like a sauna) showered, chilled in the hot tubs, and then took a sleeping mat to a corner and conked out!

Monday Woke up and caught a bus to the ferry, took my five hour ferry, arrived in JEJU!!! Met up with Min and walked around seeing the beautiful island: valleys, beaches, waterfalls, etc. Went to dinner with new friend Zach had eel. Sooo fresh it was still moving, literally. They cut it up and its still moving and they put it on the grill...yummmy. Off to a library and then home for the night.

Tuesday Met up with Maxie (we met rafting a while back) and hiked up a Mountain with her BEAUTIFUL, got a ride home and now just writing this to keep you updated...hope all is well :-)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The most random uncultural blog EVER


My friend I usually send daily pointless e-mails is out of town, so rather than send an e-mail to not be read for a few weeks, I am writing my usual pointlessness in blog form.

First off, todays class was ok...except I forgot to remind them to bring jump ropes in so we couldn't do that part which is a fun part :-(

Lunch I have with the teachers, which is nice. Turns out one of the teachers speaks WAY more English than I thought, he's just uber shy. But since it was just me him and another teacher he felt he had to talk. Really his English is AWESOME! So its nice to know I have someone I can go to other than the three friends I have at school that speak English.

So I stopped by my new little grocery store (just veggies and fruits) they rebuilt after the fire. The dude there's English ROCKS! I am totally shopping there all the time. He teaches me the names of veggies in korean and tells me my Korean rocks..which it doesn't, but I am sooo going to pretend he's right :-)

Finally, I was just looking at my fridge deciding what to drink, this is my thought process, "Cheap wine, expensive wine...macoli, guiness....cheap wine, expensive wine, macoli, guiness...hmmmm..."

ahh yes mystery option I had COMPLETELY forgotten about..."Box 'o wine" ohhhhh yeah :-)

So...I cooked

Like the fourth time in 14 days...pretty proud of myself (granted one of the days it was mando and potatoes, probably shouldn't count)

But I cooked yesterday

I put looots of garlic powder and some oil in a pan

added chopped potatos got them softish

added chicken breast

add some broccoli soup in a bag(no idea Dave gave it to me when he left)

add LOOOOOOOOTTTS of hot sauce and pepper

add can 'o carrotsand

Stir occassionally until water evaportates

throw a dash of cinnamon in at the end..why...I read somewhere its good for you and you should try and have some every day.

I thought it was delicousness...

Sooo....where's my cooking show? I'll call it, "Clueless in Korea"