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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Korean 101

OK so my Korean is still SEVERELY limited, but hey why not teach what I know

Odee ayo--where. You put what you're looking for first, so Hospital Odeea yo? (I kinda feel like I am singing e i e i o and on that farm he had a ...)

kamsahamnida--thank you (I HATE that their thank you is sooo long! Danke, Gracias, Grazie, Merci, Shukran...VERY short!) Its the uber polite version but I prefer learning the polite and then do casual later I figure I'll offend less people.

chunmanayo--your welcome (formal)

aniayo- your welcome (casual)

eec(g)a choosayo- this please (thier g/c is like a sound between a g and a c...sometimes romanization uses a g sometimes a c)

cooga chooseyo- that please

Chwetsunhamneeda eehey mot heyo
Sorry understand not possible to do (I am sorry I don't understand)

hangulmal mot heyo
Korean language not possible to do (I don't speak Korean)

Masheeso yo

chincha masheesoyo
very delicious

no mo masheesoyo
sooo delicious

mu (c)ga masheesoyo
what is delicious (what do you recommend?)

yongul ha seyo --- do you speak english
English do (it slike hangul...not really an L like a fast L...almost an r???)

tseck (like check but a faster ch is book)

tsecksan (booktable...desk :-D )

compute (like a short e on the end...yep its Konglish deal)

Kitsen (same word but faster ch and e)

gas range (rang-e no silent e, means stove, another Konglish word)

Anyo haseyo (Hello!) First word is like year in Spanish

OK...thats about the extent of my Korean :-)

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