Well, I am living abroad...yet again. After Singapore, Spain, Turkey, Korea the Netherlands (and returning to Spain for a Masters) I've unpacked my backpack a little closer to home in Mexico. I live in Culiacan where I am trying my hand at teaching English to University and high school students. Below you'll find random updates as I go to festivals, explore my city or just feel like sharing a random story.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

About the bok/book I use to teach

The book I use to teach is pretty good actually. It comes with lame CD's that we basically follow and have some really lame game ideas but some good ones too.

I have one BIG problem with the book. The directions are almost always in Korean. So before I know what the book wants me to do I have to look at the pictures and try to guess. Look at the heading and guess, then type in the Korean to an online translator and guess that way but online translators are NOT always helpful: For example: "Sleep and tu point out quickly and it talks to play try." Yeah...not very helpful.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have some latitude with what you use to teach. I would get on-line and access some of the sites that deal with ESL. I have runinto quite a few as I travel through. Also...songs with movements are brillant ways to teach vocabulary and help retention of key terms. Make up a song for everything. Use old tunes...London Bridges, She'll be coming round the mountain,Are you sleeping...Kids remember so much if it is in a tune. And you don't have to be a good singer. I sound like a frog and it still works.

Lils said...

hmmm cant leave a useful comment, at least not better then your moms...so...

..hey fix the spelling on the title of the blog and add that "o" to "book"..

no bad. correcting the grammar police feels GOOD.


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