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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Almost caught up: RoadTrip (June 30-31st)

Turns out the license process is really expensive in the Netherlands compared to Korea (and San Diego's even cheaper) but if they got them over here they could exchange them for Dutch licenses when they get back home. Soo...the 29th my good friend Jasper got his drivers license and we went...well on a road trip.

I was pretty confident...until we got in the car and he couldn't figure out how to put it in drive. And then he put on the windshield wipers instead of the headlights, and then he went the wrong way in the parking lot, and finally as we'r epulling out of the parking lot he couldn't roll the window down...

Oh dear!

But we manage to get on the freeway with (few) problems and all limbs in tact.


I am too lazy to insert pictures right now so follow along later

Picture 1 Charlotte being afraid...or happy...not sure. and then we head to Picture 2! Our first toll booth! Then there' picture 3! A windmill. I had to take a picture I was in Korea on a roadtrip with two Dutch and I see a windmill...what are the odds.

Well Jasper is a typical male and seems to think any car in front of him is questioning his masculinity. So after convincing him passing every car was NOT neccassary things were ok.

We passed by picture #4 a truck that had a big stciker on the back reading "UFO+DNA=Human" LOVE IT!

Oh in addition to being smart enough to go driving with two people who have never driven alone before I was also smart enough to trust them to have a fully charged phone....erm...no

So, yeah their phone died and we had to pull over and get directions from ... someone... we bribed them with chocolate.

We met up with Aaron and had dinner with him (lots of pictures) and talked him into coming with us to Patricks that night.

Oh my LORD! They'd never driven at night. As Aaron put it, "There were no Atheists in the backseat of that car" we were scared for our lives! Because people who love me and worry too much already are readng this I'll leave out the specifics but let me say Aaron actually kissed the ground when we got to Patricks (oh the one picture of Aaron with a wine bottle outside the car was him trying to direct Jasper into reverse....yes we had a wine bottle with us, not for the drivers for me and Aaron it calmed our nerves!)

Next picture is Patrick making breakfast!!! I have stayed with Patrick...twice now? (both times with Aaron!) and he makes awesome brekkie! I helped!! I cut the sausages...YAY cooking!

From there we went to the caves really close to Patrick's house (once again we prayed a lot due to driving) and I got to wear the sexy yellow helmet Korea seems so insistent on putting on me (rafting, subs, caves etc) granted Patrick did hit his head a lot, so I suppose better safe than sorry. Lots of cool rocky cavey stuff (caves are over 500 million years old!) and the picture of Charlotte and I in our hats, we're near a sign that says watch your head...or something

And because it is just SOO easy here's a video I snagged from Patrick's page

Then we went to the beach...Charlotte and I tried to be good, we tried to just put our feet in...but...we ended up swimming!!! And I resuced a kiteboard that had floated astray YAY me! (and those are bathing suit bottoms...not just random undies)

From there we dropped Patrick off (he didn't want to hang with us anymore) and headed to the Unification Park. It had a sub that was from when North Korea tried to invade South Korea, but the sub got stuck, oh and bunnies.It had bunnies...check out the bunnies (rabbit in Korean is Toki by the way).

Then there's us in the sub, we went the wrong way since we found helmets at the end...ooops...oh well Aaron and I took an "oops" picture for the fun of it! And then there's my beautiful picture with the blow fish...I am trying to be blow fishy..

From there we dropped Aaron off I feel asleep inthe back, we stopped and got dinner and then dropped me off at my place! YAY for a fun filled weekend with good friends!

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